Former Clients:

"There have actually been profound changes in my life since I worked with you.  Not a coincidence.  Your assistance was transformational.  Our dialog and the exercises you shared with me allowed me to calm my overly busy mind. I was able to move beyond the anxiety that was paralyzing me and achieve goals--goals that previously had felt were unobtainable--in both my career and personal life."

— D.K. CEO

“After breaking my ankle, I suffered from vivid reoccurring images of the accident.  Two sessions with Dr. Smith's EMDR treatment stopped the memories, and helped me through the healing process. Amazing!”
“And… When I returned to school after almost 30 years, I dredged up some old fears about failing tests.  In just four or five sessions with Dr. Michael Smith and his EMDR technique, I stopped freezing up during tests and exams.  I'm a much more successful student today than I was in high school! In fact, I graduated with honors!          ”

M.E. Stylist

“When I engaged Dr. Michael Smith for help with a very difficult marital relationship, he was instrumental in clarifying my confusion about the roles both my spouse and I were playing out dynamically within that troubled relationship. Because of his skill and expertise, I was able to recognize my own obstacles to finding peace and find resolve. I'm secure in my discovery of how to take care of myself, and live compassionately.
Thank you, Dr. Michael Smith, for your direction in counseling, your compassion, skill, and understanding.”

W.P. Retired

Colleagues & Mentors:

“Michael is an exceptional man, one whom I am privileged to know.  He brings enormous integrity, humor, insight, wisdom, and spirit to all of his endeavors.  As a teacher, Michael combines all of these qualities to inspire deep growth and change in his students.   Probably, Michael's greatest contribution is to embody the teachings in a way that inspires everyone around him. Michael combines the skills of teacher, leader, manager and creator, with the deep quiet steady path of personal growth. It is my honor to recommend this man and his work to you. “

— Angeles Arrien, Teacher, Author, The Four Fold Way

“Michael Smith..... is a warm, deeply compassionate person with an absolute commitment to facilitating the well being of people with whom he works.  Perhaps the highest compliment I can pay him is that I have invited him to teach portions of my own workshops. “

— Gay Hendricks Ph.D., Author, Consultant

"I have known Dr. Smith for over a decade.  Dr. Smith is a talented teacher and brilliant therapist.  I have seen him demonstrate and perform his work, which integrates psychotherapy, somatic therapy, and transpersonal work, elegantly, thoughtfully, and with great respect and knowledge.  Dr. Smith is a true student of human behavior in all its aspects.  His training includes several Eastern practices, somatic or body therapies, and psychotherapy.  He integrates these beautifully with sensitivity and regard for his clients.  He is a friend both of scientific psychology and transpersonal psychology.
Among Dr. Smith's superb qualities are integrity, dedication and a broad range of knowledge in psychology.  He is mature, thoughtful, and compassionate.  He has no weakness as a teacher or therapist. I do know that Dr. Smith is well organized, capable of taking responsibility, good at setting limits, and a skilled communicator.  I recommend him without reservation and with enthusiasm."

— David Daniels, M.D., Psychiatrist @ Stanford, Author

Business & Coaching:

“I highly recommend Dr Michael Smith’s coaching to you. With his years of experience and knowledge of both the worlds of business and the process of change, he brings an enormous advantage to anyone who chooses to work with him.”

— Joe Pariseau, Director, Small Business Development Center

“Score one in the win column for the coaching of Dr Michael Smith.  Enclosed is a check, which is probably the best value I have ever gotten from my money in my life.  You were positively amazing and your words and insights worth their weight in gold.” 

— John Montgomery, Lawyer