My Unique Offering

 A bit about my work and how it is unique...

I began my early years as a Southern Baptist, and from there I developed an interest in world religions, taking me into in-depth studies in Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Shamanism, Sufism, Taoism, and most extensively, Buddhism. As a Buddhist practitioner I began with Theravada, went into Zen, and in 1983 settled into Vajrayana/Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhist practice has afforded me the clearest understanding of the mind that I have ever found, and is profoundly applicable to psychology and psychotherapy. Having done my own personal work, as well as studied the great philosophies and world religions, I speak from both knowledge and experience, and serve as an informed guide.

I taught at the graduate level for thirteen years and I deeply understand the field and what works. Some of the courses that I taught were: Pro Seminar in Somatic Psychology; Mind/Body Healing; Principles of Mindfulness; Intensive Journal Process; Clinical Skills; Optimal Wellness; Vipassana Meditation, Overview of Body Therapies-basic and advanced, Psychology of the Body; Breathwork; Buddhist Meditation and Psychotherapy; Process Oriented Psychotherapy; Basic Counseling Techniques; Transpersonal Psychology; and Internship Supervision and Ethics.

I offer my clients a unique psychotherapeutic experience, based on my lifelong synthesis of clinical psychotherapy and the insights of the perennial wisdom teachings of the world’s great spiritual traditions. Because of this, I am able to bring together both traditional therapy and very powerful and effective alternative therapies. These therapies include such things as EMDR, Enneagram, somatic therapies, mindfulness, vajrayana practices, and principles of Aikido. While I do not automatically include these in all psychotherapy, we can discuss which of these additional modalities interest and may work best for you.